Experience Sharing Workshop, 12th December 2017, Dhaka

Sudokkho organised anexperience sharing workshop with its IBT-RMG partners on 12th December 2017 atBRAC-CDM, Rajendrapur. A total of seven factories, from three IBT partners,participated in the workshop. The implementation of the training system is ongoingin all these factories. Trained sewing machine operators, trainers,supervisors, assessors and management officials represented each factory. RBC,the training consultancy service provider, was also present during the event.


Tanvir Touhid Ahmedfrom Mothercare’s Sourcing Office in Bangladesh, Md. Ashrafur Rahman fromRenaissance Group, Ashna Haq Quasem on behalf of New Look and Ameena Chowdhuryfrom Sudokkho inaugurated the workshop with opening remarks.


The workshop was aplatform for the factories to present their achievements and challenges inimplementing the in-factory training systems. The factories presented theirexperiences to date, which was then followed by panel discussions with trainedworkers and supervisors. There were also group discussions with trainers andassessors. All participants appreciated the contribution of Sudokkho’s trainingsystem and shared their views on how the system can be further strengthened.The stories of positive changes in the lives of the sewing machine operatorsand trainers were very inspiring.


Experience Sharing Workshop with IBT partners and their supplierfactories, 12th December 2017...(click to follow link)