Experience Sharing Workshop with IBT partners and their supplier factories 14th Dec 2017

Sudokkho organised an experience sharing workshop with Debenhams on 14th December 2017 at BRAC CDM Khagan, Savar. Seven supplier factories of Debenhams attended the workshop and another five potential factories were invited as observers to learn about the training system. Trained operators, trainers, supervisors, assessors and management officials represented each factory. RBC, the training consultancy service provider, was also present during the event.

Ethical Trade Manager of Debenhams, Mr. Montasir Nahid, and Sector Lead (RMG), Sudokkho, Ms. Ameena Chowdhury, inaugurated the workshop with opening remarks.

The workshop provided the factories with an opportunity to showcase their experiences in implementing the training system. This was also a good platform for the factories to learn from each other, share best practices and discuss the challenges. The factories presented their experiences, which was followed by panel discussions with trained workers and supervisors. There were also group discussions with trainers and assessors. The participants appreciated the training system and shared their views on how the system can be further improved. The stories of positive changes in the lives of the sewing machine operators and trainers were very inspiring.

One of the factories present a skit which depicted the real-life experiences of trainees, trainers and other factory personnel in a training setup. This was an effective tool in messaging the benefits of such a training system.

The potential factories, who were invited as observers, appreciated the workshop since it provided them with an opportunity to gather first-hand information from factories who were practically implementing the system. Most of the potential factories felt that this type of demand driven in-factory training systems are a good solution to addressing the immediate skills needs of the sector.

Experience Sharing Workshop with IBT partners and their supplier factories, 14th December 2017...(click to follow link)