RBC partnering with SUDOKKHO

Aninformation dissemination seminar was hosted by Sudokkho on 25 July 2016 inLakeshore Hotel, Dhaka to share the findings from a pilot project through atraining system for sewing machine operations that was implemented in thereadymade garments (RMG) factories. Sudokkho partnered with a leading Britishbrand, Debenhams and a local group of companies, Urmi Group, to conduct thispilot project.


PaulWeijers, Team Leader, Sudokkho, representatives from Debenhams and Urmi Groupgave the welcome speeches. The presentation of the findings was conducted by DrRajesh Bheda, CEO and Managing Director, Rajesh Bheda Consulting Pvt Ltd. whoimplemented the training system. The first session of the seminar was with theparticipating factories, Sudokkho and its implementing partners. Resultsdemonstrated that the training system was successfully piloted in thefactories. Challenges were highlighted with appropriate mitigation strategies.


Inthe second session, results were presented to a wider group of audience whichincluded representatives from other brands, buyers, buying agents and RMGfactories. Experiences from the participating factories provided usefulinsights for other factories who are interested to implement the trainingsystem. Management, trainers and assessors all shared their experiences whichfurther enriched the discussions. Some factories also recommended to introducetraining systems for other occupations such as finishing section and sweatermanufacturing.


Thediscussions clearly reflected a high level of interest amongst RMG factories totake on such training systems that proved to be effective.


Sudokkhois a 5-year skills training and employment programme, funded by DFID and SDCand implemented by Palladium in a consortium with Swisscontact and the BritishCouncil.



Seminar on the findings from a pilot project inRMG sector....(click to follow link)