Managing Productivity in the Apparel Industry

About the Book:Managing Productivity in the Apparel Industry is probably the only book solely dedicated to productivity improvement in the apparel industry. Through his extensive research, Professor Rajesh Bheda has established that the average apparel manufacturer in India and a large part of the developing world almost have one hundred percent productivity improvement potential available in their organisation. The global benchmarks on apparel productivity and nine cases on productive apparel manufacturers shall certainly inspire improvement actions among the readers. The two stage productivity improvement strategy illustrates how an organisation can move from average productivity performance to the benchmark productivity. Whether you are an apparel manufacturer, retailer, sourcing agent, academician, policy maker or apparel technology student, this book will certainly provide you a new insight to the world of productivity management in the apparel industry. Publication Reviews:1. "This is the first book to address productivity of Indian apparel industry and put it in global perspective. Prof. Bheda's book takes mystery out of the subject of productivity. He shows how simple productivity calculations yield some powerful information, which can form the basis for improvement and ultimately, competitive advantage. Dr. Bheda's book gives much needed exposure to the subject of productivity. The bottom line is improve your productivity continuously or perish." - Pradip V. Mehta, P.E., Fellow, American Society for Quality, Management Consultant and Author2. “In his typically lucid style, Prof. Bheda guides us through a conducted tour of how productivity has been utilized in other countries, right up to how you and I can make use of its concepts to improve our performance. A must read for every student of the subject, as well as a lot of participating managers.” - Rahul Mehta, MD, Creative Outerwear and President, Clothing Manufacturers Association of India3. “Dr. Bheda has established his credibility as one of the leading experts in the field. While he may originally have written this book with the needs of the Indian apparel industry in mind, it truly will serve as a guidebook for all countries. Individual companies can also use it as a tool to assess their individual performance and make comparisons on a global basis. Use each chapter to determine how you can adapt the principles and concepts that are presented to your organization”.- Michael T. Fralix, Ph.D., President, Textile Clothing Technology Corporation [TC]2, USA