Strategy Execution

Productivity Improvement Programs 

Implementing Lean Sigma for transformation/ WCM

Strengthening IE Systems for Efficiency Improvement

Efficiency and Quality Improvement Programs

Plant Start up

Strengthening HR Systems

Process reengineering

Productive Safety for apparel factories

Strategy Development

RBC has been advising organisations on competitiveness enhancement strategy. Our deep understanding of the fashion- textile- apparel- business puts us in unique position to offer significant value to our partners. 

Business Excellence and Lean Transformation

Supply Chain Collaboration

Sector Development

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies
Setting of in-house Training Cell and Training of Trainers
Establishment of Industrial Engineering Department
Cost of Quality and Productivity Audits
Quality Improvement Programs
Productivity Improvement Programs


Work Study
Time Study Procedures

Performance Rating

Methods Improvement

Production Planning and Scheduling
Order planning & Scheduling

Order Tracking

Productivity Improvement in the apparel industry
Quality Management
Seven Tools of Quality ControlProblem Solving Skills of the Merchandisers and non manufacturing staffEffective InspectionProfiting through Quality: Understanding Fundamentals of Cost of QualityKaizenStatistical Quality Control/ Statistical Process Control5S for Work Place Improvement